Cisco Router Configuration to Run Cisco CP

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Basic Router Configuration in order to allow the router to be configured by Cisco CP.
Perform these configuration steps in order to run Cisco CP on a Cisco router:
  1. Connect to your router using Telnet, SSH, or through the console.
Enter global configuration mode using this command:
  1. If HTTP and HTTPS are enabled and configured to use nonstandard port numbers, you can skip this step and simply use the port number already configured.
Enable the router HTTP or HTTPS server using these Cisco IOS Software commands:
Router(config)# ip http server
Router(config)# ip http secure-server
Router(config)# ip http authentication local
  1. Create a user with privilege level 15:
Router(config)# username privilege 15 password 0
Note: Replace and with the username and password that you want to configure. Do not use the same password for your user and enable passwords.
  1. Configure SSH and Telnet for local login and privilege level 15.
Router(config)# line vty 0 4
Router(config-line)# privilege level 15
Router(config-line)# login local
Router(config-line)# transport input telnet
Router(config-line)# transport input telnet ssh
Router(config-line)# exit
  1. (Optional) Enable local logging to support the log monitoring function:
6.  Router(config)# logging buffered 51200 warning
The following sources where extremely useful:
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.,

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