World Wide Publishing Service Windows Process Activation Service Won’t Start ,

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The World Wide Web Publishing Service service depends on the Windows Process Activation Service service which failed to start because of the following error: The system cannot find the file specified.
The directory specified for the temporary application pool config files is either missing or is not accessible by the Windows Process Activation Service. Please specify an existing directory and/or ensure that it has proper access flags. The data field contains the error number

IIS won’t start because Windows Process Activation Service won’t start, then I need to get WAS started up first. However, I don’t know what directory it doesn’t have access to. So i have started digging bit and found that there are some missing directories.

It looks like there SHOULD be a folder call c:inetpubtempapppools and it just disappeared. No idea why. I just noticed recently when I tried to move from a local web development service to IIS itself.

I created the folder, started WAS, then IIS and I was back up and running.

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