Network redundancy message (This host currently has no management network redundancy)

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After configuring a vSphere cluster for High Availability you might see this message on the summary page of your hosts Where the HA Heartbeat/Management network were sharing the same NIC due to hardware constraints. 
Ideally we should have two NIC to the management VMkernel Port, either with NIC teaming or in standby. Best solution is to add second NIC and problem will go away.
In case we have to supress the message.
1.      Go to the properties of your cluster
2.      Select HA from the left pane
3.      Click the ‘Advanced Options’ button
4.      Fill in the first column of the first row by double clicking and typing the value ‘das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning’
5.      Fill in the second column of the same row by double clicking and typing the value ‘True’
6.      Close the Advanced Options window
7.      Now deselect the option ‘Enable HA’ and press OK
8.      HA will be disabled, this will take some time
9.      Go back to the options and select ‘Enable HA’ and press OK
10.  HA will be enabled and the warning will be gone

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