How to setup VPN connection on Blackberry

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First you need to install SSL certificates to connect and use VPN. for this you need to install Blackberry Desktop Software on your PC . Once you install Blackberry Desktop Software – run it . When you get first screen click on Advanced options and check “Use Certificate Synchronization”  . 
Go to options, security options and to VPN
Create new VPN connection, Select VPN vendor type and name
Concentrator ip address (this is vpn server ip Address or FQDN, ie
Define VPN group name and password (depending on what type of your vpn is)
Specify domain usernamepassword (optional)
Tick on dynamically determine DNS if you get DNS ip addresses from DHCP
Don’t forget to save 
After the profile is saved, you’ll have to set WIFI profile up (if you haven’t already set one up) Then go to options and go to WIFI connections. Edit the WIFI profile and scroll down right to the bottom where it says VPN. Put the VPN profile name in there and save.
The BlackBerry smartphone user must be on a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server that supports this feature. If the BlackBerry smartphone user has a Wi-Fi® enabled BlackBerry smartphone, the Wi-Fi network that the BlackBerry smartphone user is connected to must support VPN connections. If you are using company VPN you may need to ask your company IT department to add you as an authorised user and assign you secure token.

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