Apple’s Remote Desktop software ARD

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Apple remote desktop software is already bundled with your mac but apple still selling it separately!!!  just less bloated and hidden for free deep inside most Macintosh computers!

Step to use ARD free::
Go to this folder on your computer: /System/Library/CoreServices/
(You can get there quickly by pressing Command+Shift+G in the Finder and pasting that string in as the folder)
In that folder, you’ll see an app called “Screen Sharing” … create a shortcut in your Applications folder by holding Command+Option and dragging it there. Do not move the actual file, make sure you hold those keys down and it will “link” it as a duplicate alias.

This App works just like Remote Desktop, and can even save passwords in your system’s Keychain. Just enter a hostname and remember to enable “Screen Sharing” on the destination machine before starting! or install vnc server.
Once you are connected to remote machine you may experience that you cant use mac keyboard if remote system (windows) is locked . As sharing screen does not offer any shortcut like ultra vnc viewer for (alt+ctrl+del). You have to click on “Ease of Access” link , can be find at bottom left corner and turn on “On Screen Keyboard”.

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